Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Skirt Extenders: The Solution to the Too-Short Skirt

I had heard of them and had seen them online, but I had never seen one in person until my son's girlfriend wore one to church last week. Truthfully, all I saw was a cute dress until my daughter started a conversation about it.

Yes, the skirt extender is so cute and so natural looking that it easily does the job of adding length to the too-short skirt and making it modest!

The store where she got hers doesn't currently have them in their online store, but I spent some time searching, and I found these for you.

I found this first group at DownEast Basics, which is a great source for modest clothing.

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I found these Skirt Extenders on Amazon

Now the only question is which one(s) to buy! And which colors??? Oh dear! Can't I just buy one of each???? 
Which do you like the best? Leave a comment!

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