Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Introducing Halftees

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Recently I wrote about skirt extenders, clever little accessories to help with the problem of the too-short skirt. Today let's talk about the opposite problem: what to do about the too-low top!

My philosophy here at Her Adorning is that we should be able to buy clothes that don't need any accessorizing or altering to fit properly and that allow us to be modest. In the real world, however, I have to acknowledge that sometimes that's difficult, and sometimes we just see something we would love...if only. If only it were longer. If only it had sleeves. If only the neckline didn't plunge into realms best left unmentioned.

So once in a while, I'll share solutions to those problems instead of only focusing on the clothing that's perfectly modest to begin with. 

Obviously one solution to the too-low top is to wear a shirt of some sort underneath. I have no  problem with that most of the time, but I live in California's San Joaquin Valley, an area which in the summer is known for producing fruits and vegetables and tremendous waves of overwhelming heat. The one hundred degree day is just to be expected around here. Then my husband and I visit his family in the Midwest where all humidity is produced. I'm pretty sure that if I tried, I could swim in the air there. It's about that wet and that thick.

The point is that I don't especially care to wear two whole layers at any point during the summer. Thankfully, I discovered Halftee

Halftees are awesome! They give you the coverage you want up top without all the bulk. What I love is that they come in so many styles. There are regular tee shirts, cap sleeves, tanks, three-quarter sleeves, long sleeves, and "boyfriend" tees. 

I like the tank tops because the straps are wider than average so bra straps stay covered. Also, all of their tops are reversible, front to back, so you can choose which amount of coverage is right for you.

The tops come in a wide range of colors, and for a dressier look there are several options incorporating lace. Halftee has shirts in little girl sizes too! 

You really just need to check them out

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