About Her Adorning

Her Adorning is brought to you by me, Cynthia Meents. As a Christian woman I realized how difficult it is to find clothing that allows a woman to maintain her modesty and still look current. It can take hours online or even days driving from store to store to find a cute dress that hits below the knee. Even when you do, it's likely to be strapless, backless, and frontless!

I decided to use my blogging and social networking experience to help other women in their search. It is my desire to be a blessing to others through this work.

Her Adorning is for women like me who want to dress modestly without feeling dowdy or blah. Some of us are Christian, some Jewish, some Muslim. Some claim no religion at all. Some of us believe in cherishing our precious bodies and not treating them carelessly by casting our pearls before swine. Some of us are just more comfortable with a little more coverage. Some of us are feminists who don't want to be seen as sex objects, which seems to be the way the fashion industry sees us.

Her Adorning is for women who get tired of searching for clothes they can be comfortable in. I save you time (and irritation) by doing the shopping for you. I get flabbergasted by blouses claiming they're dresses so that you don't have to!

Cynthia with her husband and children